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Nessmuk Knife by Dry Creek Forge

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Made by hand in Kentucky, USA by Ross Gammons of Dry Creek Forge. These are the first knives DCF has ever made for sale outside of his own shop, and for that we feel honored. Made to the profile sketched by Nessmuk himself, these feature a modern thicker spine (5/32) on the 14c28n full tang blade. Of this set 4 are hafted with stabilized Turkish walnut from Blak Forge Armoury, one in canvas micarta, and the last in curly ash. They are a hair over 10 inches long, with a 5 1/2 inch usable edge. The edge terminates at the handle with a choil. The handle at the blade is slender enough to use a blade pinching grip for delicate tasks.

Due to the nature of this product, we can not accept discount coupons or codes on this item. Gift cards are accepted.

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