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Nessmuk's Medium Pack Pouch

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These waxed canvas Pack Pouches are an excellent tool for organizing your gear, whether in your pack, or on your shelf. This is sewn from American made 100% waxed canvas, with a heavy duty zipper, a paracord finger loop on one side, and a tape grab at the other. Includes a tag inside with a place to write your name, as well as an embossed leather Nessmuk's patch on the side.

Mini: 4.5X3X2.5 - 33.75 cubic inches - Weight 1.4oz

Medium: 7.5X3.5X3.5 - 92 cubic inches - Weight 2.7oz

Large: 11X4.5X5 - 247.5 cubic inches - Weight 3.7oz

These kits may remind you of the shaving kit you have carried since your Grandpa gave you one before you were old enough to keep a razor in it, and that is no mistake. This design was pioneered (or at least refined) by Charles Doppelt in 1926, and although his design was originally in leather. When the U.S. Military issued toiletry kits during WWII the term Dopp Kit became synonymous with shaving kit or toiletry kit.

While these may have been designed for traveling with toiletries, the design lends itself to many uses. (Don't lie, you have something that is not toiletry related in your shave kit right now.)

The Medium is a bit smaller than a normal shaving kit, but an excellent choice for a toiletry kit for flying, or short trips, a small selection of carving tools for your spoon or figural carving, mess kit type stuff, keeping several pairs of socks (or other gear) together in your backpack, (If the medium size is not stuffed to the gills it fits in the long side pocket of a Frost River Nessmuk Pack,) and who knows what else! (Tag #adventurewithnessmuks to show us what use you come up with for your Pack Pouch!)

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