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100% pure beeswax! It's none of yer... But, it could be! Available in large bricks that are approximately 1 lb, and small cakes with precious little designs of bees and honeycomb. These little cakes are perfect for tucking into a pack or pocket to use to wax zippers, thread for sewing, fire starting, lubricating screws (I do this all the time in building and restoring classic rifles.) protecting tools from rust, and even seasoning cast iron and "cold handle" pans. (I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of other uses as well.)

The larger blocks are better suited to creating your own balms, polishes, salves, candles, cosmetics, sealing mushroom plugs, and even snacks (while I have been known to chew on a piece of beeswax as gum, especially in my teenage years, you can also look up recipes for canele' which uses a butter and beeswax coating to give it a unique crunchy shell)!

Beeswax has a subtle sweet fragrance (and taste), similar to, believe it or not, honey!

While beeswax can come in a range or colors from almost white, to dark brown or almost black, our tends to fall in the middle in cheery rich yellow colors.

We get all of our beeswax for local sources, so you never have to worry about getting imported wax and wondering what it may have added to it along the way!

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